Life is Strange franchise headlines this weekend’s Steam sales: 1/13/2017

Indies dominate the weekend offerings.

Another week has already flown by and as we hit the halfway mark of January, Steam has brought up another slate of sales that is, fortunately, meatier than last week’s. The obvious headliner here is Life is Strange: Before The Storm, which was nominated for Games for Impact this past year at The Game Awards.

Indies once again dominate the weekend as Hotline Miami 1 and 2, Undertale, and BroForce all get discounted for pennies on the dollar. Also, if you’re looking for a solid puzzler, The Talos Principle is a game that completely removes action from the equation and makes you put your thinking caps on.

That said, if you are looking for action, there are a couple of nice options in the Fighting game, Killer Instinct (a Saturday-only deal) and Insurgency, a first-person Tactical Shooter that doesn’t devolve into simple run and gunning.

Here’s a breakdown of the highlights for what’s on sale this weekend on Steam.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm 30% $11.89
Life is Strange: Complete Season 1 75% $4.99
Undertale 50% $4.99
Hotline Miami 75% $2.49
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number 75% $3.74
Killer Instinct (Sat Only) 50% $19.99
Insurgency 85% $1.49
Broforce 75% $3.74
Road Redemption 30% $13.99
The Talos Principle 80% $7.99
The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna 80% $2.99
Rayman Origins 66% $6.79
Rayman Legends 66% $10.19
Titan Souls 75% $3.74

As always if you’d like to check out the full listings, you can head over to Steam here.