Levine: ‘the ending [of BioShock Infinite] expresses what the game is about’

For those who have completed BioShock Infinite, you are well aware of the intense narrative, twists, and beautifully crafted ‘all coming together’ ending. The game’s ending knocked me out of the park and ranks among some of the finest endings I’ve come across to date. I definitely sat there, jaw wide, as the credits rolled by.

Believe it or not, BioShock Infinite is the first time Ken Levine (co-founder and lead game designer for Irrational Games) has been overly satisfied with one of his games’ endings. Despite the monumental success with System Shock and BioShock, the endings were not up to the standards that Mr. Levine would have liked. On this topic, he quoted from an NBC News interview with Todd Kenreck saying:

“I think we tried but the endings weren’t really what I hoped they’d be. I think in Infinite for the first time, from my perspective, we/I feel the ending expresses what the game is about in a way the other games didn’t; it is holistically the expression of the meaning of the game.”

Often BioShock 2 doesn’t get as much love as the other games mentioned, but I’ve always stood on the opposite end of that debate. Two of the man reasons being what the game represents through story and the ending(s) – it makes you feel! BioShock Infinite however, does it all right. If this quote is saying that Ken Levine has been an unsatisfied perfectionist in the past, I’m glad to see that he’s finally ended an art form in a way he can be happy about.

The ending of Infinite certainly does wrap the game up quite nicely. I can’t help but wonder what future DLC is on the way? All I know is that I for one, can’t wait and want it.