Levine: Combat in Bioshock’s Burial At Sea ‘quite different’ from Infinite

Irrational Games' Creative Director Ken Levine has provided some more details regarding Burial at Sea, the upcoming two-part DLC for BioShock Infinite that will take players back to the underwater city of Rapture to tell a new story of Booker and Elizabeth.

Although Levine has already stated Burial at Sea will be more of a narrative experience, much of the talk has been about the game's combat, mostly because the DLC will see you play as the more stealthy Elizabeth for a portion, a contrast to the trigger-happy Booker in Infinite.

"The combat is quite different in Burial At Sea than it was in Infinite," Levine reiterated.

"There are smaller scale combats that give the player much greater opportunity to observe the space ahead of time and set up the combat situation to his or her taste," he said. "Therefore traps become much more meaningful than they were in Infinite. So stealth becomes a larger component.

"We generally think combat is a little more deadly but a little less frenetic," he added.

Elsewhere in the interview on PlayStation Blog, Levine addressed playing as Elizabeth. He explained, "It’s very important to us that playing as Elizabeth feels very different from playing as Booker. She’s a different person, and having gone through the experiences of Burial At Sea: Episode One has a substantial effect on her too. So we’re spending a lot of time working on how she feels and how she plays. To some degree Infinite, Burial At Sea: Episode One and Burial At Sea: Episode Two both feel a little different from a gameplay standpoint."

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