Leviathan: Warships releases on iOS and Android tablets with future free DLC

It’s official. Leviathan: Warships is now officially out on PC, Mac, Android tablets, and iOS tablets. With cross platform gameplay and a cloud storage device, you can ship out and play wherever. Both tablet versions are being sold for $5. Think of this cloud service as a new and improved super cloud service that will take your game on one platform and allow you to continue on a different platform that has Leviathan: Warships on it. Mind blown? I’m not finished.

Due to popular demand, the smooth music of famed trailer voice, Jazz Boatman, is coming to Leviathan: Warships free of charge via future DLC. In essence, takes things slow, relax, customize your boats, battle your boats, and listen to that sweet sweet jazz tunes in the process. You didn’t see those trailers? Well watch them below. You may ship yourself.