Let’s see Tebow do more of this in Madden 13

We can have all the Tebowing we can handle in Madden 13 — that's the act of taking to one knee with your fist to your head as you thank Jesus for the ability to run over linebackers and throw 15-yard ducks at wide receivers' feet. But will we be able to run shirtless in the rain during training camps? That's definitely what Madden 13 needs more of: shirtless Tim Tebow jogging in a mid-summer's shower.

tim tebow running in rain

At Jets training camp over the weekend, Tebow removed his jersey as he ran off the field during a heavy downpour at the end of practice. And cue the media… and every celebrity blog… and locker room razzing. I think this should definitely be an option in Superstar mode for Madden 13. It could be a way to build team chemistry quicker. I mean, it's working for Tebow with the Jets. So far, his teammates have had nothing but great things to say about his character and work ethic. Linebacker Bart Scott is having a fun time with the story, saying "Maybe it was holy water."

As you may have guessed by now, this has nothing to do with Madden 13, but it's freakin funny. Tebow is polarizing, so when he takes his shirt off, stuff like this is going to happen.

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[Source: ESPN]