Lego Minecraft Now Available for Pre-Order

The Minecraft and LEGO partnership has begun and should be hitting the shelves this summer. The first set will be titled Lego Minecraft Micro World. The set will come with 2 of your favorite characters Steve, the teal shirt purple pants wearing adventurer and his arch nemesis, a Creeper. These charcters will be called “Micro Mobs” (pictured below) which are built out of a few tiny pieces and are not your normal LEGO man size. The sets all come with a variety of blocks including sand, grass, gravel, stone, and wood. Giving you as many options for what to build just like the game. Excuse the cliché but the possibly are endless! The product was developed in collaboration with four Lego fans: Chris Malloy, Michael Thomas, Kyle Tingey, and Bjarne Panduro Tveskov. These lucky fellas helped develop the concepts alongside with LEGO designers. Here are a few pictures below so you can see what the set and characters will look like, but after looking at those head over to Jinx and pre-order your own set RIGHT NOW!