Legends of Pegasus has released the ‘Arthrox’ trailer

Before mankind even existed, the Arthrox were already navigating around the galaxy.  The Arthrox are a biomechanical race in Kalypso’s new Legend of Pegasus coming out on PC the 14th of this month.  This space game utilizes both real time and turn based elements.  While planet colonization, planet infrastructure, and military creation happens in a turn based manner; battles will be decided with a combination of tactics and skill.

The Arthrox were once the defenders of their creators, “The Forgotten.” After the parent race mysteriously vanished, the race has lost part of its direction.  War broke out and they found need to defend their planets from these other alien races.  Infighting from within their own tribes is tearing the species apart.  They have for so long lived in harmony with the universe with a symbiotic connection with the planets they inhabit.  What will be in store for the Arthrox in the future? 

Check out the video below, pick up the game on the 14th, and answer the question on your own.

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