Legendary Beta-Testers in Immortal Combat

February 27, 2008

Legendary Beta-Testers in Immortal Combat

Second Developer Diary released for Lost
Empire Immortals

Breaking news from the creators of Lost Empires:
Immortals. Broadcasting from the depths of the cosmos, our intrepid reporter
working for the Galactic Information Service warns of the obstacles of
programming in space.

Interviewing the overseer of the legendary Order
of the Beta Testers, details of their exploits are only just becoming known.
Providing valuable objectivity and intelligence, the members of this little
known heroic group fight to the end ensuring developers remain on course during
the final phases of the project.

Read on to comprehend the escape of Lead
Programmer Jonas, from the desolate winter planet of Denmark on his mission to
inform the Federation of Independent Gaming Sites of the progress made so far.

Click here to download
the new Lost Empire Immortals Developer Diary.