Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rumored to miss Nintendo Switch release

Well, that sucks.

A new report is indicating that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will not be ready to release in time when the Switch console debuts in March. 

Apparently, the game's localization is much more in depth than expected, and is expected to continue through the end of the year. This includes translating all of the text, quests, NPC's, pretty much everything in the game in order to fit their respective region. Once this is done, there should be a four to six month testing phase before the game is ready to release. The news comes from Emily Rogers, Nintendo insider, that was provided the localization schedule update. 

This is a pretty hefty blow to fans who pretty much took it as a given that Breath of the Wild would be included in some sort of Switch launch bundle come March. With this likely delay, there are no other marketed games that could take its place. There have been rumors of a new Mario game, but nothing has materialized or been released confirming or denying these rumors. 

The Switch looks like an incredibly innovative console with its on-the-go gaming feature as well as plethora of third party publisher support, which the Wii U lacked. We'll have to wait and see more, and we'll update you as we hear.