Legend of Grimrock 2 has entered beta testing

Developer Almost Human today announced that the sequel to their first-person dungeon-crawling gem Legend of Grimrock has begun its closed beta rounds.

As PC Gamer reports, Almost Human is remaining faithful to their promise of not offering early access to the game. “Closed beta worked really well with LoG1 and we’re looking to repeat the process,” the studio said on its blog. “By giving beta access to a carefully selected group of people, we can personally interact with the testers much better and thus get better and more accurate feedback.”

Legend of Grimrock 2 is slated to up the ante in terms of play time and prove upwards of 25 percent longer than the original. However, Almost Human is still smoothing out the kinks and has yet to nail down a hard number, although “the game has been playable from the beginning to the end for some time now.”

“Our Venerable List of Things To Do is constantly getting added with new entries even as we are hammering on the things at the other end of the list. But we are fighting hard to empty the list before launch,” AH added, also noting that an iOS version of the original game is now well on its way after clearing its notorious porting roadblock.

[Grimrock Blog via PC Gamer