Learn to hack the world in Phreaked Out, Watch Dogs’ latest promo tie-in

Ubisoft is pulling out all the stops for Watch Dogs’ marketing campaign. With two videos already floating around—one demonstrating how funny it is to trick people into believing they’re all-powerful hackers, and the other a parkour-infused recreation of Aiden’s Chicago escapades—they’ve now teamed up with YouTube channel Motherboard to create Phreaked Out.

A three-part series focused on hacking, Phreaked Out aims to highlight the vulnerabilities in modern technological systems and show just how plausible the large-scale hacking seen in Watch Dogs actually is. A statement from Ubisoft describes the series as a collaborative effort “with today’s most talented security researchers and hackers to learn firsthand how to breach the most commonly used devices.”

You can see the trailer for the series here and jump straight into episode one here.