Leaked retailer schedule suggests Grand Theft Auto 5 autumn 2012 release

A leaked 2012 release schedule from a "major UK High Street retailer" has suggested Grand Theft Auto 5 will release in autumn 2012.

According to MCV, who obtained the schedule, Rockstar's GTA 5 was the final item on a list that also mentioned Battlefield Evolved and Dark Knight Rises.

The speculated autumn 2012 release for GTA 5 falls in line with other release rumors that point to a end of year release.

Last month, Popular UK retail website, Zavvi, listed Grand Theft Auto 5 with a November 23, 2012 release date for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

If it doesn't release this year, others speculate the game will arrive by March 2013 at the latest – the end of Take-Two's fiscal year.  During Take-Two's Q3 2012 earnings conference call, the company confirmed that the recently announced Grand Theft Auto 5 was "making great progress" in development.  The company did admit, however, that they were still far from "determining a window release".

Given that Take-Two isn't even sure of a release, this is likely the retailer's speculated guess as to when the game will ship.  We can expect, however, that when GTA 5 does release, it will launch with a bang.  Take-Two has trademarked "GTA TV" and "Rockstar TV", prompting speculation that the Rockstar parent company is planning an extensive transmedia promotion for blockbuster game Grand Theft Auto 5.

Aside from the initial trailer, not much has been revealed about the game – except that 2K Czech, the developer responsible for Mafia II, is rumored to be contributing to the development of Grand Theft Auto 5.  Earlier this week, a source close to VG247 said the Czech studio has been "putting its cinematic expertise to work in producing animations for cutscenes and general gameplay" in GTA 5.