Leak: Grand Theft Auto 5 coming spring 2013

If your wallet has yet to hate you for this fall’s lineup of excellent games (and your inability to say no to them), then it’s certainly going to with the way early 2013 is shaping up to be, especially if Rockstar has anything to do with it. Today, a Grand Theft Auto fan-site posted a photo from a European retailer that “officially,” if legitimate, reveals a release window of spring 2013 for Grand Theft Auto V.

“GTA-Five” posted the photo, which can be seen below, and though Rockstar has become accustomed, or at least known for, releasing their games in the springtime, this is the first, real leak for a release window. Many sites that have reported on this very same story have added that Grand Theft Auto V may release staggered like its predecessor (Japan received the game 6 months after the US release), which is possible, but it should be noted that Spring 2013 means it’s coming before we know it, and likely in its final stages of production, so a global, fixed date may be what we see with GTA V.

GTA V leak

Though it’s extremely cliché to say in the gaming industry, time will tell with all these rumors, but for now it looks as though hell’s about to break loose in the spring of 2013, and Grand Theft Auto V looks to be apart of it, if not leading the charge.

Source: [GTA-Five]