League of Legends update lets you skip promotional series

Say goodbye to those pesky promotional series in League of Legends — maybe. A new update made to the game's League system will now allow players to move up through the ladder more rapidly, if they are playing at what developer Riot Games deems a "high skill level."

Finally, I'll be able to rush past Gold and get to Platinum where I belong.

According to the brief patch notes, if you "consistently" win against opponents a full tier higher than your current placement, you can automatically skip your promotion series into the next division. Consistent, of course, is the key word here. Series skipping will be possible all the way up to Platinum I.

"In some rare cases however, players were entering their promo series and facing off against unusually difficult opponents," Riot Games said. It doesn't appear the changes will affect too many players, just the ones who are in a weird limbo with their hidden MMR and their actual ladder ranking. 

The update also offered a fix for Vision Wards which should now properly provide true sight to an enclosed area when place in front of it, like dragon or Baron pit. Also, an exploit with the Blade of the Ruined King's active has been fixed.

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