League of Legends Team Builder arrives on North American servers

The two-day live beta for League of Legends Team Builder has arrived on the North American servers. From today until Wednesday, March 12 at 9:00am PDT, you can test out the new feature designed to "lay the foundation for great teamwork."

First revealed back in October of last year, Team Builder allows you to pick your preferred role and attempts to match you with a group in which you can play that role. In addition to your preferred role selection, it will also try to match you with like-minded players in terms of overall strategy, such as double jungle, dual top, and things of that nature.

As explained by Riot, Team Builder will exist alongside normal blind and normal draft pick for unranked Summoner's Rift. If it works well, the developer may look into applying some or all of the features into other queues or game modes later on. Unfortunately, because of the way Ranked works in League of Legends — with bans and pick order mechanics — Team Builder will only be a feature for normal games.

If you are unable to get on LoL in the next few days, check back with GameZone as we'll be posting our full impressions of the new feature.