League of Legends Shyvana Patch Preview

Riot Games has released a video highlighting some of the balance and gameplay changes that will be made with the Shyvana patch update.

While the video doesn't cover all of the changes, we can get a good idea of some of the bigger nerfs and bugs upcoming.  As always, check back for the full patch notes.

The first notable nerf is with the newest champion, Graves, the Outlaw.  A little on the stronger side of champions, Riot is targeting Graves passive by lowering it by 10 armor and MR.  They are also hitting his maximum damage of buckshot when hitting with all or multiple shells of buckshot.  

Wukog, the Monkey King, is getting a lot of changes to decoy and offensive buffs to "get him more in line with fighters."  The main thing with him is the Decoy bug fix making it cleaner, more usable, and more convincing to the enemy.  Crushing Blow is getting a little more damage.

Watch the full patch preview video below for more information.