League of Legends’ season 3 will be live very soon

How soon will Riot’s League of Legends season 3 officially start? Well right now ranked matches are down, so the season three patch can go in. Does this necessarily mean season 3 will start today, of course not! But once we’ve downloaded the information, Riot can turn it on at any time. This means we’ll have our ranked leagues and placements in no time.

Due to Riot’s post saying that Goth Annie will be available for sale for 975 RP from whenever the season 3 patch goes live until February 10th means it is any day now. Annie’s digital remastering is part of the season 3 patch so the wheel is in motion – it’s all coming together.  


I’m personally excited, can’t wait for this go live and try it all out. Yay for ELO hell and whatever bracket I get placed in. Regardless, still excited!