League of Legends reveals Jinx and the mystery of the forefront Pool Party woman

While I was all on board for the League of Legends Pool Party splash art that was up a week ago, there was something that bothered me; besides not having a Pool Party Ahri skin. Who’s that lady? You know, the one in front with the strange cloud/bullet shell tattoos and multicolored toenails. It’s one of those conundrums that I wasn’t alone in, the internet shared this dilemma.   

Then Riot revealed the new terror to Piltover, Jinx. At first, I thought she was just a psychopath who enjoys laughing, large weapons, explosives, and making Vi’s life a living hell. Then I noticed her wanted poster. Do those tattoos look familiar? I think you see where this is going with this. You'll find 'Evidence A' below:

Jinx Tattoo Pool Party

If you notice though, the arm the tattoos are on have been swapped. My reason for this, the wanted posted is a forgery! If you read the fine print on the wanted posted, it says “forging of official wanted posters” as one of her many crimes. Thus Jinx either doesn’t care, is trying to throw the law off, made a mistake, or is truly just that chaotic. Either way, I love all of it. I can’t wait to see this character flushed out more and even in the game.

You better believe I’ll be updating my test realm account very very soon.