League of Legends releases new Rampage-esque browser game: CHEW

Well those wacky folks over at Riot are at it again. As part of their April Fools' goodness they released the “Beta” of their “new game” called CHEW: Cho’gath Eats The World. After that Riot survey has been circulating around the net asking fans questions about what they’d like to see Riot produce as their next game – the result was CHEW. As a fan of both League of Legends and the arcade classic Rampage, there was no way I wasn’t going to like this game.

You play as Cho’gath , the gentleman beast from the void, who is taking a tour around the world eating 16 of the major cities along the way. The gameplay is nearly identical to Rampage except with a bunch of League of Legends champion cameos. While playing you’ll have to deal with Garen, Caitlin, Ziggs, Singed, Teemo, Corki, Twitch, and others.

Speaking of Teemo, in the LA level you have to destroy Riot’s headquarters. Once that's done, you’ll see a rainbow; eat that rainbow. This unlocks the Astro Teemo game which plays very similarly to Jetpack Joy Ride and is also modeled right after Nyan Cat. Techno with Teemo sound bites play as a Nyan Cat-looking Teemo flies around collecting coins while avoiding Ashe arrows and fire traps. Don’t treat Astro Teemo like a mini game, it’s a full on game with upgrades and achievements.   

Riot outdid themselves with this. Between the survey, programming, and content… these two games are pretty amazing and a great boon for any LoL player. I strongly recommend you check these out and EAT THE WORLD!