League of Legends: Pulsefire Ezreal finally revealed!

When we spoke to Riot Games at E3 and asked about Pulsefire Ezreal they told us he'd be here "sooner than you think". Apparently they were right as they just revealed the brand new Legendary skin for the Prodigal Explorer.

Riot has poured their blood, sweat, and tears into this skin and they did not disappoint! I mean, I can honestly say I'm impressed with this new skin (like they care what I think?).

Anyways, Pulsefire Ezreal isn't out yet, but Riot has released an entire promotional page highlighting all of the features in this new Legendary skin. They've gone all out with this new skin which will be available at a regular price of 3,250 RP.

Not only will Pulsefire Ezreal get an all-new skin with new particle effects, but this is the first skin I've seen in League of Legends that actually transforms as you level up! I mean, is that just freaking awesome or what!? As you level up a new rank shot of Trueshot Barrage, Ezreal's Pulsefire Armor will upgrade and evolve.

"We sat down and we said, 'What would constitute taking this up to the next level?' We talked about heavy spell effect changes. Eventually, we decided on a few things," Riot Games Senior Concept Artist Michael 'IronStylus' Maurino said of the Pulsefire Ezreal design. "One of the big ones was the evolving model, which is kind of where I jumped in. And so I concepted on top of the model of the first Pulsefire Ezreal with the updated backpack, and I explored different methods of upgrading him from Level 6 to 11 to 16. Every time he levels up his ult, he changes, so that you get a much more powerful, impactful experience as you go on."

In addition to leveling up armor, Pulsefire Ezreal's jetpack comes online at Level 16 allowing him to soar across the battlefield for short distances. I assume he'll still be targetable and it won't allow you to fly over walls/trees since it'll likely be one of his Shift actions (like joke, dance, taunt). After all, imagine the outrage if paying for a Legendary Skin grants you basically a free getaway.

"There were a lot of challenges that we worked to overcome to make this what it is. There were challenges with the sci-fi barrier, to tear down those assumptions. There were challenges with the technology that we overcame. And we also faced pressure from the community, who was really salivating over this," Maurino continued.

Pulsefire Ezreal will also come with an exclusive summoner icon and profile banner. Once you acquire Pulsefire Ezreal, you'll be able to select your Pulsefire-themed summoner icon. Selecting your new Pulsefire icon will also deck out your summoner profile with this sci-fi banner.

"I hope that people reading this will realize that we’re also fans of the game, and when we decide to hold something for more iterations it’s because we really want to make it the best we can possibly make it," added Josh, aka Grumpy

Although Pulsefire Ezreal will cost 3250 RP at regular price, Riot is celebrating his arrival in the League of Legends store with a special promotion. For the first four days after he's released you'll be able to purchase the Legendary Pulsefire Ezreal skin for 1,625 – a real steal if you ask me!

To hear more from the developers about the creation of Pulsefire Ezreal check out the League of Legends forums. Great job Riot. Now here come the "What other League of Legends characters deserve Pulsefire skins" threads in the forums.