League of Legends’ Pentakill band finally gets its drummer

After months of waiting for them to announce a drummer, the Pentakill band from League of Legends has finally decided on its fifth member. Joining the Yorick, Karthus, Mordekaiser, and Sona on stage will be Olaf, the Berserker.

Unfortunately, he was a little too hungover to join the rest of the band for the official announcement on the League of Legends site.

"Just wait until you hear the drum rolls this guy pulls off on Undertow, and the way he makes the crowd roar with his Reckless Swing," Pentakill Morde said following a show in Brazil. "I think he was going to introduce himself, but he's passed out."

Ah, the life of a rocker. It's clear that Olaf is following in the footsteps of Kurt Cobain, so who knows how long Olaf will last as Pentakill's drummer. 

Although I'm ecstatic with the choice of Olaf as the drummer, I'm not too fond of the Pentakill skin itself. The cowboys hat makes him look like a lame over-the-hill drummer of a country rock band that plays at empty bars rather than a badass drummer for a death metal band, which is what I think of when I hear Pentakill. Not to mention, you can't even tell he's hold drum sticks.

Am I the only one who thinks this? How do you feel about Pentakill Olaf?