League of Legends patch 3.03 champion preview

It’s time for some changes in the ole League of Legends world. Some champions got slight tweaks to power while other got the inevitable nerf bat.

Vi has been a character of intrigue as of recent. I’ve even started to see her get banned from how powerful she’s become.  Riot has put in changes to make her early jungle presence less terrifying. With a slower clear time, she probably won’t be punching folk in lane as quickly. Both her base damage and Denting Blows damage has been reduced.

The Sad Mummy, Amumu, has also been getting banned as of recent. The AOE, team lock down, jungle tank, is getting his ult size reduced. Now you’ll actually have to land a good Bandage Toss with Amumu instead of just pressing R and winning. Speaking of Bandage Toss, the damage on it was also reduced.

Both Ashe and Trist got attack speed buffs to make them more of an end game threat. You AP Trynd players will notice that the gimmick has mostly come to an end by reducing his ratio. Darius will have to wait 12 seconds before continuing the dunk spree. His lane bullying power has also been reduced. His counterpart, Garen, will be less inherently tanky with nerfs to his Courage passive.      

Kayle and Taric went under the operating table pretty hard. AP mid Kayle has been the flavor of the month so her overwhelming power has been reduced some. Her Reckoning no longer amplifies damage, although it travels faster and the slow is increased at higher ranks. Taric has been changed to be more melee orientated. His passive, Gemcraft, now does increased damage based off his max mana. His armor aura now works off 12% of his armor and shattering it does 30% of his armor.

For you Nid players, she completely lost the bonus armor and magic resist to her cougar form – so that happened. Riot wants her to return to more of an offensive role and less of a defensive one.

This patch went live already, check it out NOW. As of now, Quinn still isn't in.