League of Legends’ Nasus is receiving a makeover and new skin

I’m fairly certain League of Legends has finally answered the age old question of “who let the dogs out.” The answer is Riot's Nasus and his upgraded new look to farm dat Q up. As part of Riot’s updates to old characters, Nasus will be receiving the next visual upgrade. If you haven’t seen Sivir’s new character design, she’s looking pretty damn good these days.

Nasus’ level of detail went WAY up with this update. They said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks, Riot defies all proverbs! If that wasn’t enough, Riot has also announced a pretty rad new skin for our canine pal. Let me introduce to you Infernal Nasus. Not only does this skin look diabolic, it rocks some sweet, sweet Cerberus action when he ults – literally the heads on his shoulders come forward for some tri-headed action.

Check out the comics below and prepare for the cycle of life and death to continue.

Nasus Skin

Nasus Skins All

Infernal Nasus

[League of Legends X2]