League of Legends’ Master Yi getting a a full visual and kit upgrade

Master Yi is one of those anomalies in League of Legends. He’s an original character, can be played in nearly every position, can be both AD and AP, and is (relatively) simple to play. He also snowballs very very hard if allowed to. As the only character I’ve known to ever be accused of having ‘pizza feet,’ it seems about time he received a visual upgrade as well.

Since Master Yi is such an ancient character, his fans want to see changes. But they also want him to keep that same feel they know and love. Riot realizes this and they want to keep both AD and AP players happy. Familiarity remains important during the makeover of the classic champion.

With all that said though, Yi will probably move to purely AD or AD / AP hybrid builds; Morello doubts he’ll have a strictly AP build now. The reasoning behind this is that part of Highlander and all of Double Strike becomes useless with AP builds and they want all of Yi’s kit to have use to players.

Check out the new shots of good ole Yi and get ready for the visual and kit update. It’s all about that Wuju Style.

Master Yi Visual Update