League of Legends Jungle Remake On the Way

It wasn't long ago when Riot reworked the jungling system in League of Legends.  Apparently a few more tweaks need to be made.

According to Riot Games Steve Feak, or RiotGuinsoo, "shredding against dragon and Nashor continues to be a problem.  They go down before you can respond w/ enough shred."

To address this issue, Guinsoo was "working on making Nashor and Dragon unshreddable" for the jungle remake.  While he did admit it took longer than expected, Guinsoo did confirm that "shreds and immune to shreds are complete".  Depending on what other reworks Riot is planning for the jungle remake, League of Legends players should expect these changes within the next few patches.

In other news, Shaco fans are finally getting some love and much needed bug fixes.  After the jungle remake, Guinsoo announced, "On toworking on the next thing.  FIx another shaco bug."  Who says Shaco doesn't get any attention?

What other changes would you like to see implemented in a jungle remake?