League of Legends hits new low with Chroma Packs

Another choice for another dollar

While Chroma Packs aren’t in League of Legends yet, they will be rolling in on the PBE next update to try out. What’s a Chroma Pack exactly? Well, it’s something you purchase that allows you to change the color of a character’s garb. Guess it's a little too work heavy to release brand new skins entirely now that Riot is all focused eSports. The comparison I keep thinking of is in fighting games when choosing your color scheme.  

This opens a bunch of questions. Will this cost you IP, RP, or will it be unlocked? Currently, the model Riot is planning is RP – as they have with the majority of their cosmetic changes thus far. The current price for the non-existent feature is 590 RP for as pack. A pack includes three chromas that modify a champion’s base skin or other skins. If you don’t own those skins, they will be included in the bundle price.

Currently the two packs being added in the PBE are of Lucian Prime and Dragonfist Lee Sin. I see there being two schools of thought on this: yay more character options or is this just a decline cash grab? Sure sure, there is room for some gray as well – since this is purely cosmetic and NOT pay to win, let those who want buy? What do you think? Seems like a reach to me, even for Riot.