League of Legends Hecarim patch likely to release next week

It looks like the much-awaited League of Legends patch that will bring new champion Hecarim, the Shadow of War, along with other fixes will arrive sometime next week.

Logging into League of Legends today, you may have noticed a small update.  According to Riot, "This was to address a performance issue that was keeping a small group of summoners from successfully finishing games.  This is the only change we plan on making to League of Legends this week."

"We know a lot of summoners are curious about our plan to debut Hecarim this week. We just wanted to check in to let you know that with your help on the Public Beta Environment, we ran into a few game-breaking bugs that if released into the wild would really hinder your enjoyment of the game. We figure you guys like being able to target every champion on the field – and prefer that your enemies are able to surrender after you give them the business for 20 minutes."

Riot is continuing to tackle these and other "big issues" that have been uncovered and will share more updates as they progress.

Hecarim, the Shadow of War, was teased right before PAX where he made his grand debut.  Fans who attended were able to get some hands-on time with the upcoming League of Legends champion.  Check out all of the details of the new undead centaur here.  And be sure to check out our in-game footage of Hecarim as well as other newly revealed champion, Varus.