League of Legends Fiora champion spotlight

Riot’s League of Legends has released their newest character today.  Fiora, the Grand Duelist, is a melee carry character who excels in either the jungle or top lane.  Since she heals on every auto attack and these heals stack on enemy champions, she has excellent jungle ability and lane sustainability. 

Her riposte ability makes her parry the next auto attack she receives and counters it with an attack.  This is an excellent jungle ability since the neutral monsters are going to always attack you.  This appears to be her high skill ability.  Once you get used to her and know your opponents abilities and play styles, you will be able to absorb their big hits and then make them pay.   

It appears that Riot nailed the “duelist” archetype with Fiora.  The parry – counter attack – nuke combo is a different type of play that I’m excited to see players learn.  The mobility, counter, and attack speed abilities make her a timing heavy character.  While overall Fiora looks like a great champion, knowing her timing (cliché ahead) will separate the good players from the great players.

With Fiora coming out today, it’s that day where in any normal game you will see one auto-locked on each team and games will take 3 or 4 times to start since people will dodge if they get her.  Get four friends together and try her out in a true team scenario.  She’s of course 6300 IP and 975 RP to unlock.  I look forward to giving her a while once I’m off work tonight.  Enjoy the Champion Spotlight below.