League of Legends ‘Draven, the Glorious Executioner’ teased, abilities possibly leaked

Riot Games has given us a sneak peek at a new League of Legends champion, Draven, the Glorious Executioner.

Ready for this? He's Darius' brother.  As if one Darius wasn't enough, now we have to worry about his dual-wielding, blood-soaking fashion.

It pains me to say this because as much as I love Riot Games and League of Legends, I think they did release a broken champion in Darius and to see them readying the release of someone that looks so similar so quickly – without addressing the problems with Darius – pains me. 

What's the ult going to be like on Draven?  He can target two champion and if he kills one of them it automatically refreshes?  Or how about all of his abilities refresh anytime he hits a character – that seems to be the direction Riot is going with these guys.  Another overpowered, brute, executioner.  Lovely.

League of Legends Draven and Darius

"While he might be the consummate entertainer, this vicious champion of the arena is most famous for knowing exactly how it is that the proverbial show comes to an end – usually in some grandiose, blood-soaked fashion," his description reads.

While Riot is likely to wait until E3 next week to officially unveil Draven's abilities, it seems one site got hold of his abilities early.  These haven't been confirmed.

Wicked Blades

  • Draven's Critical Strikes deal bonus physical damage over time. Spinning Axe also causes this effect even if it does not Critically Strike.

Spinning Axe

  • Draven's next attack will deal bonus damage. This axe will ricochet off the target high up into the air. If Draven catches it, he automatically readies another Spinning Axe. Draven can have two Spinning Axes at once.

Blood Rush

  • Draven gains increased Movement Speed and Attack Speed. The Movement Speed bonus decreases rapidly over its duration. Catching a Spinning Axe will refresh the cooldown of Blood Rush.

Stand Aside

  • Draven throws his axes, dealing physical damage to targets hit and knocking them aside. Targets hit are slowed.

Whirling Death

  • Draven hurls two massive axes to deal physical damage to each unit struck. Whirling Death slowly reverses direction and returns to Draven after striking an enemy champion. Draven may also activate this ability while the axe is in the flight to cause it to return early. Deals less damage for each unit it hits and resets when the axes reverse direction.

Oh look, refreshed cooldowns on two of his abilities! Like I said, these haven't been confirmed as Riot will probably hold off until E3. We will be sure to give you our initial impressions of Draven when we see him there.