League of Legends developers on champion retrospective

Riot Games continues to make League of Legends more and more successful.  While currently representing at Gamescom in Germany, they are having a tournament.  The largest portion of new content in League of Legends comes from new characters.  It usually only takes 2-3 weeks for a brand (not the burning vengeance) new champion to be put out for players, but the creation process takes far longer than that.

‘The sun never sets on Riot Games.’      

The Riot designers want to stress the creativity and diversity of all the champions they create.  Lead designer Ryan ‘Morello’ Scott claims that their “magic sauce is, we’re insane.”  When creating a new character, they want to continually do what has never been done and to avoid the cliché.  Why make a Gandalf looking mage when you can have a little girl with a teddy bear or a mobile fat drunk? 

The League of Legends characters have themes to them.  If the champion is a plant mage, her design is floral and nature theme.  Zyra is a both a plant and a terror.  On top of looking very nature like, her kit and abilities follow a strict plant theme.  Nocturne, another example, is a living nightmare.  He looks like a terrifying shadow, his voice set matches his evil, and his ult is designed to cause panic and confusion.  Riot wants you to able to look at the splash art of the characters and know what they are going to be about and do.       

Riot’s goal is to make fun characters that are work and feel consistent.  This means you can have a little girl, plant mage, a drunk, and a nightmare all fighting along each other and it seems perfectly alright.  What I particularly like about Riot is how their devs love playing the game they work so hard on.  The people who make the game love and play it every day.  This concept adds such a level of depth to the product they put out.

In conclusion, League of Legends has over 100 champions and they all look and play in a unique manner, that’s pretty amazing.  Watch the video below and always remember LoL is free to play.


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