League of Legends’ Champion Spotlight – Lulu, the Fae Sorceress

While there has been an outcry for a new League of Legends support character for some time now, Riot has delivered on this desire.  Lulu is quite a unique support character.  From the look of her, she should be played aggressively.  Her ability to slow multiple targets, buff friendly targets, make a giant slowing companion, and debuff enemies makes her a strong laning partner.  By following the 0cs (support characters not last hitting bottom lane) strategy, your abilities have great zoning potential.  This will get your range attack damage champion plenty of gold and deny the enemies early game power.

Even though Lulu is a support champion, Phreak of course plays her as a jungle – I imagine this is a joke.  As far as supports go, I suppose she does make the most sense as a jungler.  For now, I’m going to suggest putting her bottom lane.  Check out the video and pick her up for 6300 IP or 975 RP.  

Come back Thursday to see out Lulu first impression video.