League of Legends Champion Sneak Peek – Fiora, the Grand Duelist

Just what is honor?  Is it that code you live by to keep yourself valorous and prideful?  Or is it that weakness that your foes come to exploit?  No matter your view on it, in League of Legends the citizens of Demacia have it – in great abundance.    On top of that, the overzealous there LOVE to yell their nation’s name in combat.

The thing about honor is that it has many different meanings in the heads of different people.  Take the mindset of a duelist.  While you may not be defending the weak, you have strong pride.  One smug comment or intentional insult and it could be on.  Honor has its way of putting actions to a rash sort of level.

This brings me to Fiora – the newest LoL character to be put into the spot light.  From the look of her, she will be some sort of rapier wielding attack damage character.  According to her description she deals with “scamp, scoundrel, miscreant, rogue, scalawag or rapscallion.”  This leads me to believe she will have some mobility to her since those characters tend to have some tricks to them.

That’s all I can really speculate from just the brief description and comic style art.  I’ll admit, I really like these three speechless frames.  You know that big dude said something he shouldn’t have and THAT’S why he’s in the dirt.  Look forward to Fiora.