League of Legends announces Ao Shin for future draconic creation

Riot Games has decided to sneak us a peak at a new champion coming to League of Legends; it's not necessarily the next champion, but one we can probably expect to see in a few months or so. This new champion is a storm dragon. As guardian of the natural world and Ionia, Ao Shen will descend from the sky when the nation faces its greatest crisis.

Representing elemental duality, Ao Shen’s design encompasses dominion over water, weather, and storms while offering good fortune to her allies. This dragon is eloquent yet destructive – like a storm. Due to its anatomy, the design and modeling of this champ will take some more effort than a humanoid character. The role of Ao Shen is also a mystery, the duality of his nature offers the possibility of both carry or support.    

League Of Legends Ao Shen

Keep an eye out in the skies for this draconic champion down the line. Ao Shen will definitely not be the next champ but: SOONish.