League of Legends’ Annie and her bear Tibbers are getting visual upgrades

"You smell like burning.” Annie is League of Legends’ loveable little Dark Child. As one of the game’s original characters, she has been in it for the long haul.  She is a ‘Recommended’ AP champion meaning she is easy to pick up and learn the game with. Her AOE burst still remains one of the highest in the entire game. Once that Tibbers stun comes out, all hell breaks loose. Against higher skilled opponents, she has a tendency to drop off a little. While she can still light up a low HP carry, her lack of skill shots makes her easy to harass and possibly zone. 

Nothing beats a good level 6 flash/ult to melt the face of nearly any mid in the game though. I remember playing Annie a lot when I first started getting into LoL and that level 6 kill was always guaranteed. Dat 100% burst. 


Annie Skins

Well, in an upcoming patch (not today’s patch) Annie and her ult Tibbers will be receiving a visual upgrade for all of her skins.  Annie will look like a more graphically defined little girl while Tibbers is looking more terrifying bear-like than ever. On top of all that Annie is receiving improved textures, sounds, spell effects, and a brand new voice over. I do hope she doesn’t lose that incredibly creepy little girl giggle though.

I checked the test server and this change isn’t live there yet either. I can’t wait to see Annie 2.0 in action. It’s been some time since I’ve seen my bear Tibbers.