Lawbreakers developer co-founder leaves for Epic Games

He's working on a "secret project".

After the less than stellar commercial performance of the PC/PS4 hero shooter, Lawbreakers, Boss Key co-founder Arjan Brussee is leaving the studio to go work on a "secret project" at Epic Games. This isn't Brussee's first time at Epic, he worked at the studio in the '90s before helping create Guerilla Games, the team behind Killzone and the critically acclaimed Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Epic Games' former golden boy, Cliff Bleszinski, helped found Boss Key with Brussee. Bleszinski wished his partner well via a Tweet.

Brussee's departure comes after Lawbreakers failed to make waves in the online gaming community and quickly became a laughing stock due to its incredibly low player count on Steam which hit double digits shortly after it released. Boss Key made many desperate attempts to get more players on board with the game but it doesn't seem to have worked. The game was well-received by critics but that and it's $29.99 price point wasn't enough to really grab the attention of players.
There are talks of the game moving to other platforms with a free-to-play model to help boost the player base but nothing has been officially announced.