Laurence Fishburne says “Marvel has been kicking [DC’s] ass”


DC actors are no strangers to dissing the superhero movies, Jared Leto and Jeremy Irons have spoken out against them for various reasons and now you can add Laurence Fishburne to that list. Fishburne is out promoting John Wick: Chapter 2 and when asked if he would reprise his role as Perry White in Justice League, he had this to say.

"They asked me to come for a day, but I couldn’t work it out, schedule-wise. And really, what do you need the newspaperman in “Justice League” for? You want to see the Flash. You want to see Aquaman. You want to see Wonder Woman. You want to see the Lantern."

Wait… Lantern?! Green Lantern hasn't been cast and isn't confirmed for Justice League… are you trying to tell us something, Fishburne?

Fishburne went on to talk about how he feels about the overall state of superhero movies. This may upset some DC fans.

"We’ve been waiting 35 years for these [characters] to show up on the screen. What were they doing over there? Marvel has been kicking their ass. This is the comic-book geek in me, who has a collection of comic books. I’ve been waiting to see these people on-screen forever."

He doesn't blame Snyder and doesn't completely share the issues that others do, but he is slightly disappointed with where the films are.

"Look, I love what Zack Snyder does. Jesse Eisenberg, this little nebbishy guy, as Lex Luthor? For me, that’s a genius move. And the whole thing with Martha Kent and Martha Wayne? I don’t know, man, I must be sentimental but that’s some heartwarming [stuff] to me. So I don’t get it."

It seems like one other DC actor may have some issues with the state of the universe. Ben Affleck just backed out of directing the solo Batman film and is heavily rumored to be dropping out of the role of Batman entirely. Whether this proves to be true remains to be seen, but it isn't super far fetched.