Latest SimCity BuildIt update adds giant destructive robots

Robots, Twisters and Lightning oh my!

If you've been fearlessly tapping away at your city in the freemium title SimCity BuildIt, then you might have some new disasters to worry about.

The latest update adds a slew of new options, but three new disasters along with it, but they're not without benefits. Each time you unleash robots, twisters and lightning, you'll also earn Vu points which can be used to upgrade the Vu Tower, which will in return offer new rewards.

You can check out all the new features to SimCity BuildIt in the latest update right here:

  • Robots, Twisters and Lightning: Experiment with your city, rebuild and earn Vu Points by triggering a Giant Robot, Tornado or Lightning Storm. Vu Points upgrade the Vu Tower, unlock new disasters and upgrade disasters for more rewards to rebuild your city in new ways.
  • Visit other Mayor's Cities: Check out your friends’ and other players’ cities and see what the citizens are saying about their Mayor. Tap on conversation bubbles -in their city to collect rewards like crafting materials or Simoleons.
  • New roads: Add wide avenues with palm trees, sweeping boulevards with walkways and charming streetcars to your city speeding up the flow of traffic to stop congestion keeping your citizens happy.
  • New Houses of Worship: Four different houses of worship for advanced Mayors.