Latest Mass Effect Andromeda Patch 1.07 Fixes Several Issues

Here's what the patch fixes.

Mass Effect Andromeda was released to mixed reactions, to say the least. The series itself is on ice as the developers have been moved to full-time support for Andromeda. The silver lining here is that they've pumped out patch 1.07 that fixes a number of issues.

This patch is rather small in comparison to the huge 1.06 update. It does, however, make the game run more smoothly with fewer crashes and a few edits. The entire patch notes can be found below:

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Patch 1.07 Release Notes:

  • Fixed issue where server would auto disconnect when sending strike teams on APEX missions.
  • Fixed a crash on UNC Outlaw when nearing outpost of signal source. (Kadara S.O.S.)
  • The Athletic Casual Outfit will now unlock for all entitled players (Deluxe edition content)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented completion of the Nomad upgrades / Shield Crafting quest. Please travel back to the Tempest in order to trigger completion.
  • Fixed >1080p UI placement

The latest update should be downloaded automatically for Origin users and users should be prompted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.