Latest Club Nintendo reward turns you into an artist

A new title now sits alongside Super Smash Bros. on Club Nintendo. If you're a member of the rewards program but you suck at drawing, you may be interested in this one.

Art Academy: First Semester is now available for 150 of your Coins, which are earned by registering games and taking surveys on the Club Nintendo website. If you feel the need to learn how to draw, you can redeem those Coins and get some lessons.

Art Academy has received some praise among the folks who played it. I wish I had some insight on the game for ya, but sadly, the only art academy experience I have is from those few years in college when I actually majored in art.

So with that, get to it, fledgling artists! Also, regarding the title of this post, I cannot assure you that you'll become an actual artist. You've been warned.

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