Last Chaos Introduces Dungeon System That Gives Players More Control

June 11, 2008

Last Chaos Introduces Dungeon
System That Gives Players More Control

Last Chaos, the first title of Aeria
Games is prepared to pour out one of its most innovative and latest content
updates, the Tomb of Theos.

The Tomb of Theos is a dungeon for
level 75-plus players who will have the chance to control entry into the
dungeon. The controls of the dungeon are placed squarely into the hands of the
master of the guild that owns the dungeon.

In order for a guild to have
ownership of the dungeon, the guild must go through the dungeon and secure a
crystal, but with certain circumstances. The guilds have only two hours to
secure the crystal, and at the end of those two hours the guild who has last
secured it will win the dungeon.

“The competition for the dungeon
will be fierce,” said Tim Adams, associate producer of Last Chaos.

Once the dungeon is secured by the
winning guild, a system comes into play that allows the guild to have complete
control over the dungeon. The guild has the ability to change the condition in
the dungeon from the pollution factor and monster difficulty.

“The owner can increase the damage
in 10 percent increments, up to 100 percent effectively doubling the amount of
damage players do while inside the dungeon,” Adams said.

In order for guilds to enter the
dungeon siege, a fee is imposed by the guild who owns the dungeon, while at the
same time they can also impose a tax on all the gold the enemies drop. A guild
can earn up to 20 percent of all the gold dropped.

“Overall, owning the castle is a big
financial gain for any guild, and is also a symbol of their power on any given
server,” Adams said.

Guilds will have the chance to gain
ownership of the dungeon once a week but with new obstacles. Once a guild has
ownership, they can construct small obstacles for guilds returning that will
remain in the dungeon even when the guild loses ownership.

With the new dungeon system
implemented, players have a whole new arena of game ahead of them every week in
order to have control of one of the most difficult areas in Last Chaos.

“Since the Last Chaos community is
so closely knit, every action by guilds on each server is felt by all the
players,” Adams said. “At first it may be the most powerful guild who owns the
castle, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are rebellions amongst the players,
and guild wars to follow.”

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