Last Chance to Enter World Series Contest

Last Chance to Enter World Series Contest

White Sox Promotion Now Worth 300 Dynasty

Chicago, IL // Oct. 21, 2005 – Baseball
simulation, Sim Dynasty’s World Series Contest is even bigger as the Chicago
White Sox have made it to the World Series. New players who sign up now will
receive a FREE first season and 300 Dynasty Dollars to apply to next season’s
dues. When the White Sox win the World Series, that will increase to 500.
Dynasty Dollars can be applied towards discounted dues or used to gamble against
other owners to win more points. Additionally, team owners will also receive a
free subscription to Giant Magazine, featuring in-depth sports and entertainment
articles. Please visit Sim Dynasty online at
  to sign up. (Giant Magazine offer
only available to paid members.)

“Dynasty Dollars are our way of rewarding loyal
and skilled Sim Dynasty team owners,” says Tyson Lowery, President of Sim
Dynasty. “What makes Sim Dynasty unique is that people don’t just play one
season and start all over again, they build the franchise over many, many
seasons. With this many Dynasty Dollars given to players just starting out, it
is our way of introducing players to the longer term fun and excitement of the
game. One that more than 3,000 people already enjoy each month!”

Sim Dynasty leagues continue year round, with new
seasons starting approximately every two months. For further information about
Sim Dynasty, please visit Sim Dynasty online at
  to sign up.

About Sim Dynasty: 

Sim Dynasty is an multiplayer online baseball
simulation set in the “Golden Age” of baseball, between 1950’s and 1970’s,
before player and owner greed, huge television contracts and free agency changed
Major League Baseball from one of manager skill and civic pride into something
more focused on money. With more than 3,000 teams, Sim Dynasty is one of the
most successful simulations on the market today. Unlike “fantasy baseball,” it
encourages fans to build a community and nurture their teams and players over
many years, not just focus on a single season. As a result, players must think
both strategically and creatively as they select draft choices and train them,
so they may one day be leading players in the league. Even the off season is
important to the game as a time to trade players, allow younger players improve
their skills and older ones retire. Seasons last approximately two months and
team owners pay dues of $10.95 per season or $54.50 annually.