Last teaser before Dark Souls 2: Into the Light is released

If you’re a Dark Souls and comics fan, then Dark Souls II: Into the Light will have you ‘Praising the Sun’ in no time. As the last teaser before the first of the comic is released on January 8th, fans can absorb this tidbit page. I have no idea where this page takes place in the book but it does show the iconic Dark Souls II knight duel-wielding sword and torch. What sort of horror and darkness is he trudging through, only writers Rob Williams and Andi Ewington as well as artist Sam Coleby know.

Dark Souls II: Into the Light starts this Wednesday, January 8th. Every week two new pages will be released up until March 14th for the European release – March 11th in the US. These pages will be there for everyone to enjoy as long as you can wait for the weekly updates. They will go live HERE. More Dark Souls the better, there is only so much that can be done to hold me over until release.

Here is the said teaser page:

Dark Souls Comc Knight