Last day to capture Keymaster Gilnea in Brave Frontier

Have you been entering the Gates of the Netherworld? Brave Frontier has given you the opportunity to capture Keymaster Gilbnea once more. What does his giant key do? What is its purpose!? You’re going to have to enter his dungeon, beat him down, and hope he drops to find out.

In the second to last fight, there is a chance of the farmable heroes to drop as well: Luna, Weiss, Mifune, Zerphu, Zegar, and Lario. I can confirm that I’ve personally had Lario and Zegar drop. While this dungeon started on the 28th, it does end today at 19:00 PST. Times’ a ticking. Bust out those gems if you really want Gilnea THAT badly. I’ll admit, he has one of the coolest attack animation in the game.