Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition Released!

November 21, 2007

Larry Bond’s Harpoon –
Commander’s Edition Released!

The latest addition to the
addicting naval simulator series has left port – with a special deal!

Matrix Games and Advanced Gaming
Systems are pleased to announce that the new enhanced and improved addition to
Larry Bond’s Harpoon series, Harpoon – Commander’s Edition, is now available for

Matrix Games is also offering a
special deal to naval warfare fans wanting the best of both worlds: Harpoon 3 –
Advanced Naval Warfare’s unparalleled realism and accuracy and Harpoon –
Commander’s Edition easier learning curve and added visual appeal.

Gamers who purchase in the same
order the digital download of both Advanced Naval Warfare and Commander’s
Edition now pay only $69.98 for both instead of the normal combined price of
$89.98 when purchasing each title separately. A discount of $20.00! As for the
boxed copy of the game, gamers purchasing both titles in the same order will pay
$89.98 for hard copies of both games (digital download also included), instead
of the normal combined price of $109.98 when purchasing each title separately.
Also a discount of $20! These special launch deals may be available for a
limited time, so take advantage while they last!

David Heath, Director of Operations
at Matrix Games, said,"Naval warfare simulation fans will really enjoy Harpoon
whether they’ve been playing Larry Bond’s famous tabletop system, the previous
computer games or if they’re new to the series. The Advanced Gaming Systems team
has worked wonders with Harpoon – Commander’s Edition in improving an already
realistic and exciting game."

Don Gilman of Advanced Gaming
Systems added,"Harpoon – Commander’s Edition comes with plenty to offer Harpoon
veterans and newcomers alike. This latest addition to Larry Bond’s Harpoon
series boasts an improved AI engine, more scenarios, and revamped modeling! All
in all, we’re quite proud of Harpoon – Commander’s Edition and think any naval
warfare fan would have a blast battling it out with our game."

Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s
Edition is the latest addition to the longstanding naval warfare simulation
series that has brought awards and accolades from naval strategy fans and
military personnel alike. Like its predecessors, Harpoon – Commander’s Edition
allows players to assume the role of a fleet commander, making the same type of
decisions he has to make, using the same type and quality of information he
might expect to get in wartime. This is naval warfare strategy and simulation at
its very best – addicting and wholly realistic!

As players take to the seas and
command a huge variety of ships in an equally as varied choice of theaters and
historical conflicts, naval officers and naval strategy fans alike will revel
the depth and richness of Larry Bond’s Harpoon – Commander’s Edition. Experience
realistic gameplay with all new features, art, and more! Choosing from an
accurate and editable database of platforms, weapons, and sensors, players can
fight one of 269 provided scenarios covering the height of the Cold War to
Pirates in Malaysia, or use the provided editors to create their own.

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Harpoon – Commander’s Edition from its official Matrix Games