Larian Licenses Physics Engine For Future Projects

Larian Licenses Physics
Engine For Future Projects

Larian Studios licenses Meqon Larian
Studios has chosen Meqon to provide its future next-generation games with
realistic dynamics and physics.

Meqon is praised by Larian Studios’
developers for its ease of use, stability, flexibility and performance. Thanks
to Meqon, projects at Larian Studios can look forward to ragdolls, liquid
surfaces, rigid bodies, lifelike explosions, and overall enhancements in

 Kenzo ter Elst, engine
developer responsible for the physics integration, elaborates: “It is absolutely
exciting to see how effortless you can turn a static world you’ve been working
on into something so dynamic. Amazing how Meqon really makes a difference!

With acquiring Meqon, the creators
of the acclaimed Divinity Universe make further investments in fulfilling its
mission of creating living, breathing worlds. Other steps towards this goal have
been announced earlier, when Larian Studios made public its licensing of
SpeedTree and Gamebryo. With the addition of Meqon, these three technologies
combined now provide the means necessary to create believable, high-quality,
fully interactive environments.

About Larian Studios Larian Studios
is the largest games developer in Belgium and winner of the European Seal of
Excellence presented to them by the European Multimedia Association. Larian
Studios’ portfolio includes Belgian national hit KetnetKick, Beyond Divinity,
the multiple award winning Divine Divinity, and LED Wars. Larian Studios are
also developers of bespoke entertainment products for multi-national blue chip
companies. For more information on Larian Studios Lynn Vanbesien, 
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