Largest Wizard101 Expansion Introduces Crafts, Bazaar, & More

July 2, 2009

Largest Wizard101 Expansion
Introduces Crafts, Bazaar, & More

Crafting system, Bazaar
marketplace, and community features included in expansion

KingsIsle today released the largest
expansion to date for the online virtual world Wizard101. In addition to the
lush new world of Grizzleheim, the expansion also introduces crafting to the
game, as well as a Bazaar and several new community features.

"Crafting will introduce some
amazing and really powerful new equipment into the game, including items that
span multiple schools of magic," explains James Nance, Lead Designer of
Wizard101. "Additionally, as Treasure Cards will be primarily created by
crafting, it will encourage many Wizards to try their hand at crafting and
trading cards with other players." The ability to craft items will add a whole
new dimension to Wizard101. Players will have the opportunity to craft literally
hundreds of new items, including hats, robes, staves, furniture and Treasure
Cards. First, Wizards will obtain crafting tables for their houses or dorm
rooms, and then collect the recipes and reagents, or ingredients, necessary to
make the new items through exploration, shopping, or defeating enemies. There
are five tiers of advancement for crafters, and any player may choose to become
a crafter, although many recipes and ingredients will be found in areas
accessible only to subscribers.

In addition to Grizzleheim and
crafting, players may now visit the new Bazaar in Olde Town where they may buy
items sold by other players and sell items in exchange for gold. Run by a shrewd
but fair trader named Elik Silverfist, prices for each item will adjust
depending on how many of that item he has on hand, but Wizards will always get
the best deal by visiting Elik.

New updates to community features
also include grouping in which up to four players may adventure together across
zones and communicate via their own chat channel. If one party member initiates
a duel, a place is reserved in that duel circle for each member in the party.
This expansion will also introduce open chat, an option available only to
players over age 18 with a validated credit card.

Popular with families who like to
play together or connect over distance, Wizard101 was designed with the safety
of young players in mind and is enjoyed by millions of players of all ages. It
is rated E10+ by the ESRB. Anybody with a Windows based PC can play the
Free-to-Play areas of the game for as long as they like. Premium content is
available by subscription or microtransaction. Wizard101 gift cards can now be
found at more than 13,000 retail outlets nationwide.