Lara Croft GO hits mobile devices later this month

Lady Croft gives us a new, pocket sized adventure.

Square Enix Montreal brought us Hitman GO last year, a board style incarnation of Agent 47 and his assignations for smartphones and tablets. This year, SEM is looking to give our favorite aristocrat-cum-archaeologist that same treatment with Lara Croft GO. 

Following the myth of the Queen of the Venom, Lara Croft GO is a turn based puzzle game and will feature minimalistic and stylized art. It’s set to be released later this month on August 27th.



Square Enix Montreal has also issued an art challenge, asking for fans to submit interpretations of Lara’s new adventure to benefit the Child’s Play Charity. 

While XB1 players will have first dibs at Rise of the Tomb Raider in November, this looks to be a great little taste of the iconic treasure hunter while Sony and PC fans await the time delayed release.