KumaWar Launches I.E.D. Sweep Improvised Explosive Device Training Mission

KumaWar Launches I.E.D. Sweep

Improvised Explosive Device Training Mission

Latest Simulation Trains Players
How to Recognize and Destroy Deadly Roadside Bombs

New York (Sept. 15, 2006) – KumaWar, a free “Virtual News” experience which
uses advanced video game technology to recreate real military events, has
released its latest interactive episode, “I.E.D. Sweep.” The training mission
puts players face-to-face with the deadly homemade bombs that have accounted for
more than 90 percent of all U.S. casualties in Iraq. The mission is available
for free download at
“KumaWar offers consumers a glimpse beyond the images in the media and puts you
on the front lines, into a reality best understood experientially,” said Keith
Halper, CEO of Kuma Reality Games. “The challenges, danger and tension our
soldiers overcome each day are difficult for outsiders to fully grasp. By
letting the American public experience these detailed virtual simulations, we
hope to help them better understand and appreciate our soldiers’ extraordinary
The homemade bombs the U.S. calls “Improvised Explosive Devices” are by far the
most common insurgent weapon — last month, insurgents used IEDs to attack
American forces more than seven hundred times. They’re also the most effective,
accounting for four out of five combat deaths, in part because they are often
disguised as common items: a garbage bag by the side of the road, a car, a pile
of rubble, a converted soda can – even the hollowed out carcass of a dead dog.

KumaWar’s latest mission, “I.E.D. Sweep,” allows ordinary individuals to put
themselves in the boots of American soldiers trying to disable hidden explosives
across an Iraqi town. The details of the mission and the IEDs themselves are
drawn from actual soldiers’ experiences, as related in newly declassified DOD
materials. Players must identify, avoid and destroy these IED weapons; one
careless move could kill or maim squad members and innocent civilians.  The
Iraqi town of Qaim, site of this week’s joint military operations by US and
Iraqi forces against al Qaeda fighters, has been modeled in 3D for this training
For nearly two years KumaWar has expanded the boundaries of news reporting
through accurate and timely re-creations of real-world military events.
 Delivered just weeks after the events have taken place on the battlefield, Kuma
has created more than 55 episodes including “Uday and Qusay Hussein’s Last
Stand,” “Operation Anaconda”, ”The Battle for Fallujah,” “Iran Hostage Rescue”
and “John Kerry Swift Boat.”  Episodes are now available for free download at
www.KumaWar.com  and come with a
playable mission, video news show, extensive intelligence gathered from news
sources around the world, and insight from Kuma’s decorated team of military