Kru Interactive; Nexons New Name!

Kru Interactive; Nexon’s New

April 1, 2005 – Santa Clara, CA
Nexon Inc. 
the leading online game provider of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds 
, Dark Ages
  , and the award winning Shattered Galaxy 
, is proud and excited to announce the company name change to Kru Interactive,

Kru Interactive retains all business
rights for these continuously popular games and at the same time has the
autonomy to make business decisions on its own, which is precisely why the staff
at Kru Interactive is thrilled about the new changes. Kru Interactive promises
quicker response to the demands of the market and customers, and the release of
much anticipated updates and events for these games. In fact, Kru Interactive
has prepared new events for all three games to celebrate the name change! The
new company website
  holds the details of these events as well as
information on the latest patches and updates for all games. These new events
will not only please the existing players in the game communities, but will also
prove to be a good opportunity for newcomers to test out these exciting games
for FREE! With Kru Interactive’s completely revamped customer support system,
even players new to Massively Multi-player Online Games (MMOG) will be able to
enjoy the games in no time.

About Kru Interactive: Kru
Interactive has spun-off from Nexon Corporation, the largest online game
developer and service provider of South Korea, and is now 100% independent and
locally owned. The games serviced in the US have gained increasing popularity
over the years and each new game serviced proved to be a bigger success than the
previous one. Based on this solid foundation as the pioneer in the North
American online game market, the ambitiously launched Shattered Galaxy swept the
awards at the 2001 IGF Awards, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize,
Audience Choice Awards, Technical Excellence Award, and Best Game Design. To
find out more about Kru Interactive, the games, and the recognition Kru has
earned so far, visit