Korean StarCraft II team SlayerS disbands – Players suddenly free agents

Ever since StarCraft: Brood War legend Lim "BoxeR" Yo Hwam departed SlayerS, a team he helped found, to be a coach for his former team SK Telecom T1 (who themselves are just now making the transition to StarCraft II from Brood War), the team has been rumored to be struggling. Managed by Boxer's girlfriend Kim "Jessica" Ga-Yeon, the team has faced numerous issues stemming from everything ranging from poor player performance to poor management of team funds that have eventually led to the announcement today that the team will be disbanding after their Global Team StarCraft League match on November 3rd.

This, of course, means that several key players on the team will be without a team, and foreign (or non-Korean for the non-initiated) teams are on the hunt, looking to snap up top Korean talent. Players MMA, Puzzle, CoCa, Alicia, Ryung, Brown, Min, Miya, and YugiOh are all suddenly teamless as of November 6th, the new expiration date of their contracts. Word around the situation points to MMA heading to either Team Evil Geniuses or the newly formed Axiom eSports, and Alicia possibly heading to CompLexity Gaming. Meanwhile CoCa, Puzzle and Min seem to have switched to League of Legends, with a source close to the team even siting that they were sneaking out of the SlayerS house to go to a local LAN cafe just to practice League.

Either way, this is a damn shame. SlayerS was one of the more charismatic Korean SC2 teams out there, and they'll surely be missed. Good luck to the players on finding a new home.

Source: GameSpot     TeamLiquid.net

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